Cortisone injection: drawbacks and side effects cortisone injection

One of the most commonly prescribed drugs for inflammation is cortisone. In addition to the oral administration via tablets, this drug can also be administered via injection. Those injected with cortisone is mainly intended to inhibit local symptoms of inflammation and works very quickly. Typical conditions involving an injection of this effective medicine is given his hernia, tendonitis, “frozen shoulder” and other inflammation of joints and tendons. However, the cortisone injection can also cause disadvantages such as side effects that may still be visible days later. Side effects such as swollen skin, rash or nausea are fairly frequent complaints that occur after a cortisone shot. Even a side effect that nothing to do with the injection system has, at first sight, is possible: an example is the hoarse be the voice. What are the possible disadvantages and side effects of a cortisone injection?

im injection

Cortisone: anti-inflammatory

The drug cortisone has simply defined an artificial version of the body’s adrenal hormone. This hormone helps the body defend itself against unwanted effects, such as inflammation. To the immune system of the body to give an extra “boost” and help it in its resistance to the doctor prescribes cortisone. Cortisone is one of the most widely used drugs to inhibit inflammation and can be administered orally (pills) and over the injection be administered (cortisone injection), but also using a skin cream or ointment.

Difference cortisone injection and PIL

If you need to take over the oral cortisone tablets than that the aim to inhibit the symptoms of inflammation in the course of a disease. An example of this is the chronic bowel disease, ulcerative colitis. When you cortisone administered via an injection is given specifically to very local symptoms to be treated, such as, for example, a joint inflammation in the shoulder (the so-called frozen shoulder ). The injection can be done in combination with an anesthetic such as lidocaine to relieve the pain.

Treatment with cortisone injection


The advantage of a cortisone puncture is that it can treat the inflammation very locally. Because there is no oral intake of cortisone, the stomach does not have to be unnecessarily burdened. Among the other benefits also include the disappearance of pain and experiencing a lighter feel to the place in question. This leads to a general reduction of pain in the affected area.

Medical ampoules and syringe


Its injection may joint smoother be making you after some time again can be used optimally. Some people even get well because the inflammation is braked quickly and effectively after a single injection, while others require multiple injections. For athletes with an injection, injury can mean the difference between immobility and can start training again. A typical situation where cortisone injections are applied is overload in athletes.

Joints and tendons

Overloaded joints, muscles, and tendons can lead to painful inflammation, which can be controlled directly and locally with a cortisone injection. But also to combat a back problem as herniated a cortisone injection may be useful. In an epidural infiltration cortisone, the product between the vertebra and the spinal cord is introduced into the body. Typical cases of joint inflammation and tendonitis treated with a cortisone syringe have to deal with, among other things, the following body parts:

  • knee, elbow: tendinitis
  • heel: the so-called heel spurs
  • shoulder “frozen shoulder.”
  • wrist: Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • hip: bursitis

Cortisone Injection: side effects and disadvantages

Swelling of the skin

Some people do not suffer from disadvantages completely after the administration of a cortisone syringe. Thus, there occur unnecessary side effects. If they occur, side effects of a cortisone injection can be felt immediately after the injection, but also hours or even days later. Because the injection directly affects the skin, the site of the injection will be hardest hit by potential disadvantages. The skin may feel pain, itching, swelling and thinning. Possibly occurs too rash, and the skin turns red.

Iron Sucrose Injection

Other side effects

Additional side effects that may occur after administration of a cortisone injection include:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • flu-like feeling
  • the general feeling of tiredness
  • red face
  • hoarse voice
  • vaginal bleeding
  • edema (fluid retention) to eyes or ankles
  • feel warm the affected area
  • visceral pain at the site of the inflammation
  • cramps in the muscles around the site of injection
  • radiating cramps and pain in other parts of the body

Sportfasting: a healthier, leaner and more vital body

The term Sportfasting will not be immediately obvious to everyone. What to do sports with fasting and conversely what is fasting to do with sports? Nevertheless, the combination of two words, which has a clear meaning. It’s just like the words actually suggest the combination of sporting activities and a permanent cure. The aim is thereby to be healthier, leaner and more vital. Sportfasting is usually supported by taking nutritional supplements and is best done under the guidance of a special sports solid coach.


Good basic fitness necessary

A sportfasting program lasts for ten days. During those ten days, there is obviously a lot of sports. But to begin Sportfasting it is necessary to have a good condition to have. Without good basic condition must be built first. Of course, someone who starts to not be sick and can certain medications not used which sport solid coach can give information. After completion of the treatment should be followed dietary guidelines and will remain standing in the sports program.

Parts of Sportfasting

Sportfasting thus consists of the sports items and fasting which also supplements be used.


The sports section comprises an individually tailored program of ten days intensive sports that all sugars are used up in the body, and as a result, there is a switch from sugar burning to fat burning.


The fixed part consists of the phasing of the intake of food, then 1, 2 or 3 days of juice fasting for several days. Juice fasting may, by water, tea or juice. When juice fasting focuses on the, cleanse and detoxify the body. After the juice fasting the power supply is built up again. This buildup of 4 to 10 days is accompanied by a new diet so that the fat burning continues.

Dietary supplements

Within an individualized sports program is compiled by a blood test and a urine test and may be adjusted during the treatment. On the basis thereof it is determined which dietary supplements are necessary to assist in the removal of hunger feelings and to protect the body against protein degradation. These supplements are sold only by qualified sports coaches fixed. Therefore, it is not advisable to fast sport on your own or under the supervision of non-qualified therapists.


Slimmer by Sportfasting

In sports fasting, the muscles and the liver in a day or ten trained in the consumption of fat instead of sugar. Also, a special diet is used. By one course men can average between three and six kilos, and women lose two to four kilos. But the real gains will only be achieved after the training course of the continuation of proper diet and exercise two to three times a week for thirty minutes.

Healthier Sportfasting

Sportfasting is also a method which reduces the need for sweets and snacks because more fat is burned and sugar stock degrades less rapidly, and the body is therefore not ask for. Sportfasting provides many benefits for the health because the sugar metabolism improves, cholesterol decreases, in many cases, lowers blood pressure and may even improve mood.

More vital by Sportfasting

Muscles consume a lot of energy in which they adapt to the circumstances. If a muscle is little or not used it shrinks and will burn less energy. It is, therefore, good to use muscles regularly. Already obtained by twice intensive sports during the week, a doubling of the condition. That is not the case for walking because a large part of the muscles then will not be activated. Sportfasting, therefore, assumes intensive training with twenty minutes of intensive training is better than walking for an hour.

Scientific research Saarbrucken

According to website Sportfasting make the switch, in 2012 in Germany Saarbrücken made a study of fourteen healthy men into the effects of Sportfasting regarding condition, blood levels, waist circumference, body fat and mood. The men were among those aged twenty to fifty years and were recreational runners who have completed the ten-day sportfasting program. The results of the main parts of the study were:

  • Belly size 4.6 centimeter less.
  • Expensive condition was performance-enhancing.
  • Weight decreased 4.2 kilos.
  • Heart rate was lower.
  • RQ values were lower.
  • 3.44% fat harvesting.


Training coach for guidance Sportfasting

For good guidance in sports fasting is a special coach necessary. He or she also determines the type of food supplements. Also determines the sport fixed coach or the taking of additional calcium, magnesium and zinc are necessary. To be a sportfasting coach are special programs. In the training, the background, the basic principles and practice of the sports fasting treated. Insight is given into the biochemical processes resulting from the combination of intense training and a juice fasting. Thereby explains the entire course of day to day and be treated to the expected results. To test a sports fasting should be done with anyone from the surrounding area.

Start the day with a micro workout for more vitality

For the person who has or takes a little time, but also for those who do not love sports or some other way of moving, there is the micro workout. The micro workout requires no extensive sportsmanship on the pitch, in the gym or jogging in the forest. The micro workout you can do just beside your bed. What you need to do and what is the effect?

Man in sports clothes performing leg stretch in hallway, ground view

Man in sports clothes performing leg stretch in hallway, ground view

Moving is healthy

Everyone knows that exercise is good for man. It is a must for a healthy life. This does not mean that you should exercise every day for hours, but thirty minutes to one hour to be active is important. You can work, but biking or walking is also good. You can thus keep your body fit and supple and digestion is stimulated.

While the pick for many people is not a problem which minimum thirty minutes of exercise a day, yet there is also a group that does not achieve this. Think of the man or woman who dives into the shower from the bed, and then the car on to work. To get stuck in traffic on the way back, to eat at home and in the evening do not have the energy to do anything. The couch is more comfortable than the gym. This man or woman the daily micro can work out to be a good start.

How does the micro workout?

For the micro workout, you do need discipline because you have to be just a little bit earlier to get out of bed. For the man or woman who moves too much, but also for the man or woman who has difficulty in getting started in the morning, can provide micro workout solution. Ie you start in this manner energy to your day.

It’s important that you understand that your body has to be taken out of hibernation and that you can do best by your body to give you the opportunity to ‘wake up.’

Start in bed

It starts with your extensive stretching in bed. Not just once firm racks, but you stretch a few times but both legs behind each other tightly and do the same with your arms. It may also at the same time, but this is the beginning for your body to get all the active processes in the body. Pull a few times your legs simultaneously toward the buttocks and stretch them again. Do this three times in a row. Stay silent lie in bed and feel for the day flows through your body the initial energy.

On the edge of your bed


Bowl always quiet up from lying position and sit on the edge of your bed. Most beds are now again a bit higher, so you can sit with your legs at an angle of forty-five degrees. Get some deep breaths through your nose and let your belly bulge. Breathe as deeply as possible (do not breathe so that your shoulders come up) towards your belly. Breathe out gently and do this five times in succession. The extra oxygen you download is good for your body.

Arms and shoulders

Put your arms on your thighs and stretch your neck quietly left and then place your right arm over your head to emphasize this attitude a bit. Try as close as possible to get your shoulder with your head. Do this exercise about three times than with each other and exchange right. Close down this attitude by placing your hands on your thighs and your shoulders (simultaneously) several times turning back quietly. This is an exercise that you can do alone.

Bend from an upright position and your left arm to your chest down toward your right shoulder, stretching as far as possible and put your right hand on your left elbow to emphasize this attitude. Hold for about ten seconds and switch off. Then alternating left there right still off about three times. Close down this attitude by placing your hands on your thighs and your shoulders (simultaneously) several times turning back quietly. This is an exercise that you can do alone.

Lower legs and feet

Get your feet a little piece of the floor, put your hands back quietly on your thighs and bend your legs slightly forward. Shake your ankles now, as it were loose. They then turn a minute or counterclockwise and then clockwise. You can move your feet the same, but it feels better to move them to different sides that’re fine.

The chest

Put your hands on the chest, flat against each other and push hands after a minute or so tightly together. You feel that the muscles in the chest. Keep your hands afterward separately for the chest and let your fingers move just as well from the wrist. If desired, move your fingers a bit like they are scratching in the air. Do this for about ten seconds.


Beside your bed

Torso and legs

Stand in an upright position next to your bed and start by bending your knees a few times from this upright posture. The hands can be kept on the balance sheet before the body. Then change this with a few times from a straight posture and with your legs straight to let your hands on your legs down towards your feet. Tap with your fingers to the toes. Then this is fine. However, you pull it out then you look how far you go.

Now spread your legs sideways as far as possible and go with a straight upper body in one movement down and put your hands – if it succeeds – flat on the ground (as close to the feet). Press a few times firmly to the ground with your hands and then come in peace again. Repeat this exercise two times.


Now make a hula hoop movement of the hips. You keep your shoulders. Still, arms extended perpendicular to the body and rotated your hips as if you have a hula hoop to have to keep your agent running. This movement sustained for one minute. Shake the legs momentarily, by moving them off loosely somewhat obliquely from the body from the ankle joint. After this exercise again as the shoulders loosely turning back. You can also shoulder and turning back.


Stand up straight and raise your arms stretched straight up. Make yourself as big as possible, stand on your toes and try to get as high as possible. If desired, make a little jump. Bring your arms beside the body and repeat three times.

Steadily and quietly practice

These exercises ensure that your body is awake and supple. Your body is ready for activity. That does not mean you should do exercises like mad. Listen to your body and see what feels comfortable. It is important that you do this every day and you will over time (this varies per person) notice that you become more flexible and that the exercises you always go down easily. You can then you also exercises some screwing, but it does not.



Exercise is and remains important, and it is good that more and more people aware of there are. Try to do what is close to you. The chances of you this can last is many times greater. If desired, you can combine it with a little music in the background. It is no longer added up fifteen minutes. A micro workout allows your body get going and get ready for the day. Another advantage is that the digestive system is also directly come on stream in the body. Success!

Family Health Insurance advantages

Family Health Insurance is a supplemental health care service for your entire family. However, a childless couple can also subscribe for a mutual family insurance! Its supports are not covered by social security health costs. When you two are a couple and want to have your first child, domestic mutual enables you to cope with health costs related to your pregnancy. Children always have little problems and the visit to the doctor is in everyday life. You can go to the doctor without having to worry about the expenses. In addition, family health insurance protects you against unexpected expenses such as hospitalization, optical or dental expenses.



10 ways to reduce your stress level at work

Stress is an intrinsic factor of modern life: it is the direct result of a technological boom associated with a reduction in working time. Before the advent of the computer, mobile phones, instant access to information or the early exchange of electronic messages, life was slower and therefore more predictable.

Here are some examples to bring down our stress levels and increase those of our production:

  1. Be organized


Although simple, the relaxation process is really effective. So every morning, complete cleaning of your office, literally and mentally. Set your goals daily and list them. Keep in mind that the unexpected will sooner or later happen, and your day will be fraught with unforeseen. If you cannot find the time to do one of the things listed in your priorities today, add it to the top of the list of things to do tomorrow.


Social Phobia: Nomophobia. What is it?

Can I become addicted to my cell phone? Today, almost everyone has a mobile. Still more connected to social networks, a world without mobile phones is difficult to imagine, so this little device has invaded our lives. This singular term, NOMOPHOBIA, contraction of “no mobile phobia” means excessive fear of being separated from mobile. A disease denounced during the international day without a mobile phone, which was held on 6, 7 and 8 February.

The fear of being separated from your phone

“At first glance, one would tend to minimize the excessive use of the telephone and to invoke a youthful fad,” says Dr. James A.Roberts, “but a growing body of research evidence to support the idea of addiction phones laptops and other similar behavior. ”


How to learn to ride a bike?

Mastery of balance, pedaling and braking are the three phases of learning for a child to ride independently on his bike.

Find balance and keep the child stay still on the bike is not an easy task. For him, the key is making this gradual learning like a game. The ideal is a balance bike, a small bike without pedals on which the child sits very low. The child sits on the seat, pushes with your feet and takes the handlebars like a bike. Within 2 years, some children used to balance bikes have already gained an outstanding balance. Only complaint: the rapid wear shoes!

“A bike without pedals that grows by building on his feet gives him a sense of balance. He gradually learns to estimate distance and speed while learning to spin, “says a retailer cycles. Every year at Easter, parents come to dismantle the pedals of the bicycle for their child because the organizers of the apprenticeship asked them.

“Small wheels” to avoid


Tips for a clean and tidy house

Your house is a mess and you have more in the chaos that there is no overview. You do not know where to start and unexpected visit that you do not think about at all. Are you finished party with the gang and you dream of a clean and tidy house, so you no longer need to be ashamed or have to stress at the time causing by unexpected doorbell? Then there is a number of tips to help you on your way. Follow the steps and you will see that the result is amazing!


Home Remedies For Weight Loss – Natural Solution for Weight Loss!

Indeed, every human being on this planet would certainly love to shred out those extra pounds of flesh from their body. When there are good home remedies for weight loss available as a good option, why must one run after those unhealthy practices by putting the body under risk? There are many home remedies which are simple, easy to practice without those rigorous workout programs.  Yes, it is possible; I am presenting you some simple process which can help you get your body shape, fit and attractive!


Stop worrying that you are short

Stop worrying about that you are short.  Forget your age that you have crossed the adulthood stage, where natural growth is supposed to cease naturally!

Read this amazing and intriguing technique outlined in this review, how to grow naturally after reaching adulthood. Live to your full life, with confidence, a new horizon is wide opened in front of you. (more…)