Tips for a clean and tidy house

Your house is a mess and you have more in the chaos that there is no overview. You do not know where to start and unexpected visit that you do not think about at all. Are you finished party with the gang and you dream of a clean and tidy house, so you no longer need to be ashamed or have to stress at the time causing by unexpected doorbell? Then there is a number of tips to help you on your way. Follow the steps and you will see that the result is amazing!

Classify your home

First, classify for all the clutter between all kinds of things. Choose a room where you want to start and start with:

  • Figuring out papers, belongings etc.
  • Throwing away stuff you do not use
  • Shifting responsibility for things where they belong

It’s an idea to do these steps for each room so that you can maintain an overview and quickly see the results of your work.

Sort it

Take an empty trash bag and a big box. Start with all loose things in the room and determine whether they are important or can be discarded. Meandering around old junk mail, you can find out the old paper tray and empty containers which can in the garbage bag. Important post or things that are important, put it in the box. Now you will see with your own that you already create more space, from which you can continue.

Throwing away stuff you do not use

Have you been stripped of a thing when it is still good. Now you should also throw away  things that are not immediately occurred to you in the first instance. Those empty vase for three years, fabric is snapping on your windowsill, do you plan to continue to use them? That jacket where you no longer fit in, so why that still hangs over a chair? Ask yourself what have you keep it for a long time (eg, at least one year) but did not used. Probably throw away this stuff after this year.

Arrange things in where they belong

You have filled garbage bag with unnecessary things. You now have a large box filled with things that you need and use, but which were not in the right place. Grab the stuff from the box and place each one in place in the home where they belong. That dirty pants lying on the ground, can in the washing machine and your laptop lying on your couch, you can go back to study. So you go until the big box is empty.

Beautiful! You have throw away all things that were unnecessary in your home of and there are no more things that do not belong there. Now you can start cleaning.

  • The preparation
  • Work from top to bottom
  • The finishing touch

The preparation

Make sure you have everything which you think you need beforehand. Dust cloths, feather duster, detergent, scouring pads, a bucket of water and so on. Turn on your favorite CD or tune into the radio. Make sure you create a cozy atmosphere for yourself. You will notice that cleaning up is a lot more pleasant if you are simultaneously able to move along and sing a little music. The time will go a lot faster.

Work from top to bottom

Beginning at the top as far as possible. Hanging cobwebs on your ceiling? Please remove it with a feather duster. It does not matter where it placed: On the ground, on a shelf on the wall, does not matter. Next, you work step by step down. Put the top shelves on the wall first and proceed gradually lower it and remove dust from baseboards and window frames. When you go to clean high places at a later time, you run the risk that the substance ends up in places that you’ve already done and that is sin. Suck with a vacuum cleaner all the dirt that has fallen on the ground. Only after dusting off you go again with the cleaning wipes.

The finishing touch

Super! You’ve cleared a room and cleaned it. That looks a lot better, does not it? You can reward yourself with a beautiful bunch of flowers or nice candles to put on the table.

Keep up

Your whole house is clean and tidy. It would be nice to keep it that way. Indeed, it is a chore to carve out completely and thoroughly clean all rooms. It is important to keep track of it. You can:

  • Before the evening goes to bed, ensure that the tables are empty and wash your way
  • Ensure you put stuffs immediately back in place after use
  • Once there is somewhere covered with dirt or dust remove them
  • Once a week cleaning your house


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