10 ways to reduce your stress level at work

Stress is an intrinsic factor of modern life: it is the direct result of a technological boom associated with a reduction in working time. Before the advent of the computer, mobile phones, instant access to information or the early exchange of electronic messages, life was slower and therefore more predictable.

Here are some examples to bring down our stress levels and increase those of our production:

  1. Be organized


Although simple, the relaxation process is really effective. So every morning, complete cleaning of your office, literally and mentally. Set your goals daily and list them. Keep in mind that the unexpected will sooner or later happen, and your day will be fraught with unforeseen. If you cannot find the time to do one of the things listed in your priorities today, add it to the top of the list of things to do tomorrow.


Social Phobia: Nomophobia. What is it?

Can I become addicted to my cell phone? Today, almost everyone has a mobile. Still more connected to social networks, a world without mobile phones is difficult to imagine, so this little device has invaded our lives. This singular term, NOMOPHOBIA, contraction of “no mobile phobia” means excessive fear of being separated from mobile. A disease denounced during the international day without a mobile phone, which was held on 6, 7 and 8 February.

The fear of being separated from your phone

“At first glance, one would tend to minimize the excessive use of the telephone and to invoke a youthful fad,” says Dr. James A.Roberts, “but a growing body of research evidence to support the idea of addiction phones laptops and other similar behavior. ”