10 ways to reduce your stress level at work

Stress is an intrinsic factor of modern life: it is the direct result of a technological boom associated with a reduction in working time. Before the advent of the computer, mobile phones, instant access to information or the early exchange of electronic messages, life was slower and therefore more predictable.

Here are some examples to bring down our stress levels and increase those of our production:

  1. Be organized


Although simple, the relaxation process is really effective. So every morning, complete cleaning of your office, literally and mentally. Set your goals daily and list them. Keep in mind that the unexpected will sooner or later happen, and your day will be fraught with unforeseen. If you cannot find the time to do one of the things listed in your priorities today, add it to the top of the list of things to do tomorrow.

  1. Plan things in advance

You can start each work day by making a list of things to do, but you also need to provide a little more in advance. Identify events, projects and upcoming assignments, and make sure to devote a little time. And do not do it only once.

  1. Do not don too much responsibility

It is extremely easy to accept one final task. But be careful, because towards the end of the morning, all those little tasks accumulate to form a considerable volume of work. You must learn to say “no.”

  1. Take breaks


If you are overwhelmed working, move away for a moment from your work or display, and be content to breathe deeply for a few seconds. The technique of the “square breathing” is a great way to calm down: simply search on Google to learn more about this method. Then, get up; walk around to the kitchen or the coffee machine, just for a change of scenery. Do not stay too long offline with your work: Few seconds to refocus and you can make all the difference.

  1. Do not be too distracting

We cannot do much to stop the phone calls, except ignore them. Obviously, you must answer the important calls, but if a call seems to wait, leave your mail do its job. Follow the same procedure for emails and internal messages: they require quick response, treat them promptly. Otherwise, you will do when you are in time. It’s a good idea to schedule several times during the day dedicated to answer emails and calls.

  1. Make a lunch break

And give yourself a good break. Most work environments can bring uncomfortable employees when it comes to take a break to eat. Try not to fall into this scheme, even if you simply give time to swallow a sandwich and take a quick walk

  1. Take care of yourself

If you take care of yourself, no one will ask you about your health, right? You know how much you have to rest and sleep for your body and your brain working properly, so bed early, do not drink alcohol and do not push your limits.

  1. Arm yourself with anti-stress tool


You need multiple solutions when you are exceeded by circumstances. There is extensive information online about this, but some basic principles can work wonders and greatly reduce your stress level. Being deep breathing is a great way to take your minds. Another surefire method to remove the negative is to identify a ‘special’ place: a place where your mind can wander easily, and is filled with positive vibes. This may be a beach, a landscape, a monument or a favorite restaurant no matter, as long as this works on you. Take the time to clear your head. If the physical work helps you, try squeezing a small ball, or do stand a pen or a small object.

  1. Do not always look for perfection

Any employee worthy of the name tries to do his best in every aspect of his job. But it is not always possible to ensure a perfect job in all areas. The thing to absolutely keep in mind is that mistakes do not matter. This happens to everyone, including managers and senior executives. Simply admit any mistake and remedy, and to draw lessons.

  1. Talk to your boss (do)

If you really feel pressure, talk to your boss (do). It may be that it / it is not informed of your feelings, but once he / she becomes aware, he / she will probably be able to help you more, give you more of time and resources. His priority is to make you do your work; a team member in difficulty and pressure will not help to support you. So try your luck, and in case of refusal, at least you’ll be set.


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