Family Health Insurance advantages

Family Health Insurance is a supplemental health care service for your entire family. However, a childless couple can also subscribe for a mutual family insurance! Its supports are not covered by social security health costs. When you two are a couple and want to have your first child, domestic mutual enables you to cope with health costs related to your pregnancy. Children always have little problems and the visit to the doctor is in everyday life. You can go to the doctor without having to worry about the expenses. In addition, family health insurance protects you against unexpected expenses such as hospitalization, optical or dental expenses.


What are the advantages of a family insurance?

Family Insurance covers all your family members and you can make savings compared to individual contracts. It covers your medical care based on your individual needs and allows you to be covered in case of hospitalization. Note that the number of children does not negatively affect the cost of a family insurance. On the contrary, the more you’ll be on the same contract, the cheaper will a person be charged.


Here are the benefits at a subscription from a family insurance:

  • Telephone support for administrative approaches
  • Special guide for insured health information and advice
  • Assistance at home for housework, childcare and tutoring if the parent (s) is (are) busy
  • In case of major problems, the family may even resort to a delivery of drugs, shopping, meals to home and compensation for travel costs of a relative in charge of caring for children.

How much is a mutual insurance?

The contribution amount depends on the family composition and age of each member. Insurance often requires a medical examination to estimate the risk to be covered. On average, health insurance for a family with conventional guarantees is $99.85 per month.

What services are offered by a family health insurance?

Much family insurance have a third-party payment service. Thanks to a remote transmission system, the patient should advance medical expenses. These will be directly supported by the health insurance.

How to choose family health insurance?


To choose types of insurance for your family, it is first necessary to define the needs of your family. The perfect pack is not the same for everyone. It will vary depending on your profile, so it is important to ask the right questions and compare the performances of different pack.

What level of coverage for my family to choose?

Choose the coverage based on your medical needs. To find out if your children will need glasses or braces, it is advisable to do a review of the eyes and teeth. Your doctor will advise you. Also take into account your sporting activities. When you fall while skiing, you incur the risk of fracture. The accident is often accompanied by a stay in hospital and a medical monitoring.

Choose a repayment percentage or package?

The repayment rate depends on the price set by Social Security. When your insurance offers you a high percentage, it does not necessarily represent a full refund of your medical expenses. The Health Insurance poorly reimbursed care in optics. In this case, it may be wiser to choose a health pack offering a rebate package.

Is there special health insurance suitable for many families?

There are special pack offers for families. Some insurance companies offer free from the 3rd or 4th child.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions about Social Security

What is the management of social security in case of hospitalization?

In case of hospitalization, health insurance pays 80% of expenses incurred. User fees thus amounts to 20%. The excess fees and related expenses are your responsibility. Hospitalization can be expensive and you may have to pay a substantial amount for your care.

What is the management of Social Security during pregnancy?

Social Security supports childbirth and living expenses in a hospital or a 100% agreement with clinical. All charges for personal comfort and a stay greater than 12 days are not included. During your pregnancy, Social Security covers the required exams. The first prenatal visit will take place at the end of the third month, then a consultation every month. Health insurance provided by an ultrasound quarter to monitor the health of the baby. The first two ultrasounds are supported to 70%. The third ultrasound will be recovered in full.

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