Sportfasting: a healthier, leaner and more vital body

The term Sportfasting will not be immediately obvious to everyone. What to do sports with fasting and conversely what is fasting to do with sports? Nevertheless, the combination of two words, which has a clear meaning. It’s just like the words actually suggest the combination of sporting activities and a permanent cure. The aim is thereby to be healthier, leaner and more vital. Sportfasting is usually supported by taking nutritional supplements and is best done under the guidance of a special sports solid coach.


Good basic fitness necessary

A sportfasting program lasts for ten days. During those ten days, there is obviously a lot of sports. But to begin Sportfasting it is necessary to have a good condition to have. Without good basic condition must be built first. Of course, someone who starts to not be sick and can certain medications not used which sport solid coach can give information. After completion of the treatment should be followed dietary guidelines and will remain standing in the sports program.

Parts of Sportfasting

Sportfasting thus consists of the sports items and fasting which also supplements be used.


The sports section comprises an individually tailored program of ten days intensive sports that all sugars are used up in the body, and as a result, there is a switch from sugar burning to fat burning.


The fixed part consists of the phasing of the intake of food, then 1, 2 or 3 days of juice fasting for several days. Juice fasting may, by water, tea or juice. When juice fasting focuses on the, cleanse and detoxify the body. After the juice fasting the power supply is built up again. This buildup of 4 to 10 days is accompanied by a new diet so that the fat burning continues.

Dietary supplements

Within an individualized sports program is compiled by a blood test and a urine test and may be adjusted during the treatment. On the basis thereof it is determined which dietary supplements are necessary to assist in the removal of hunger feelings and to protect the body against protein degradation. These supplements are sold only by qualified sports coaches fixed. Therefore, it is not advisable to fast sport on your own or under the supervision of non-qualified therapists.


Slimmer by Sportfasting

In sports fasting, the muscles and the liver in a day or ten trained in the consumption of fat instead of sugar. Also, a special diet is used. By one course men can average between three and six kilos, and women lose two to four kilos. But the real gains will only be achieved after the training course of the continuation of proper diet and exercise two to three times a week for thirty minutes.

Healthier Sportfasting

Sportfasting is also a method which reduces the need for sweets and snacks because more fat is burned and sugar stock degrades less rapidly, and the body is therefore not ask for. Sportfasting provides many benefits for the health because the sugar metabolism improves, cholesterol decreases, in many cases, lowers blood pressure and may even improve mood.

More vital by Sportfasting

Muscles consume a lot of energy in which they adapt to the circumstances. If a muscle is little or not used it shrinks and will burn less energy. It is, therefore, good to use muscles regularly. Already obtained by twice intensive sports during the week, a doubling of the condition. That is not the case for walking because a large part of the muscles then will not be activated. Sportfasting, therefore, assumes intensive training with twenty minutes of intensive training is better than walking for an hour.

Scientific research Saarbrucken

According to website Sportfasting make the switch, in 2012 in Germany SaarbrĂĽcken made a study of fourteen healthy men into the effects of Sportfasting regarding condition, blood levels, waist circumference, body fat and mood. The men were among those aged twenty to fifty years and were recreational runners who have completed the ten-day sportfasting program. The results of the main parts of the study were:

  • Belly size 4.6 centimeter less.
  • Expensive condition was performance-enhancing.
  • Weight decreased 4.2 kilos.
  • Heart rate was lower.
  • RQ values were lower.
  • 3.44% fat harvesting.


Training coach for guidance Sportfasting

For good guidance in sports fasting is a special coach necessary. He or she also determines the type of food supplements. Also determines the sport fixed coach or the taking of additional calcium, magnesium and zinc are necessary. To be a sportfasting coach are special programs. In the training, the background, the basic principles and practice of the sports fasting treated. Insight is given into the biochemical processes resulting from the combination of intense training and a juice fasting. Thereby explains the entire course of day to day and be treated to the expected results. To test a sports fasting should be done with anyone from the surrounding area.

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