How to learn to ride a bike?

Mastery of balance, pedaling and braking are the three phases of learning for a child to ride independently on his bike.

Find balance and keep the child stay still on the bike is not an easy task. For him, the key is making this gradual learning like a game. The ideal is a balance bike, a small bike without pedals on which the child sits very low. The child sits on the seat, pushes with your feet and takes the handlebars like a bike. Within 2 years, some children used to balance bikes have already gained an outstanding balance. Only complaint: the rapid wear shoes!

“A bike without pedals that grows by building on his feet gives him a sense of balance. He gradually learns to estimate distance and speed while learning to spin, “says a retailer cycles. Every year at Easter, parents come to dismantle the pedals of the bicycle for their child because the organizers of the apprenticeship asked them.

“Small wheels” to avoid